Top 10 Best Free Games For Android and IOS Ever

Best Free Games For Android and IOS :- With the increasing popularity of Android phones and tablets, the availability and number of apps for the platform has also rocketed. So that means that there are more free games for android phone. Though there are lots out in the market but only few are gems among the junk. There is a list of the ones you should download to your phone. So without delay read on to pick the 10 best free games for android phone available.

Top 10 Best Free Games For Android and IOS Ever

Top 10 Best Free Games For Android and IOS Ever :-

This game is amazingly popular and earned more than two million downloads during its first weekend of availability on Android and though there are myriad sequels and some spinoffs, it is still a great game to play. Unlike the Apple release, the Android version of Angry Birds is free; with maker Rovio opting to stick a few adverts on it instead of charging an upfront fee.

  • Bebbled

Bebbled game is like the standard gem-shuffling thing which is only presented in a professional style and moreover you wouldn’t be surprised to see running on something featuring a Nintendo badge with an asking price similar to that of a Blu-ray disc.

Red Stone is one of the best in the whole lot of square-shuffling free games for android phone and it is one of the hardest. It’s very hard to accurately describe a game which is puzzle in the written word, but it’s a good game.

  • Newton

Newton is a Maths/Physics challenge which is released in beta form and has you lining up shots at a target. The developer is still adding levels to it and make this game more interesting for the users. Therefore, it is also expected that this game will be premium or paid in the future. But now this game is free and you can enjoy this wonderful game without spending a single penny.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

The Angry Birds Star Wars is actually pretty nice game to smash down scenery alongside the usual destructive physics action. Not the car crash IP clash you are expecting.

  • Drop

You might call drop a game while others might classify it as a tech demo which is able to illustrate the accuracy of the Android platform’s accelerometer. Either way it’ll amuse you for a while and inform you of the accuracy of your accelerometer and so it’s a win-win situation.

  • Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is based around the ancient and many-times-copied concept of firing gems up a screen to make little groups of similarly colored clusters.

  • Replica Island

It is a very polished platform game which actually pulls off the shock result of being very playable on an Android trackball.

  • Gem Miner

In this game, you are a sort of mole character that likes to dig things out of the ground. It looks great and plays well on Android’s limited button array.

  • ConnecToo

This game has a brilliant simple concept. It used to be a paid-for game and you have to pay to enjoy the special features of this game but was recently switched to an ad-supported model – meaning it now costs you £0.00.

These are the top 10 free games for android phone, don’t forget to share and comment your thoughts about these free games for android phone and give us your feedback. Subscribe our website for latest updates.

Top 10 Best Free Games For Android and IOS Ever
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Top 10 Best Free Games For Android and IOS Ever
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